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Index to articles in the Records of Buckinghamshire

Below is a list of the articles which have been published in the Records of Buckinghamshire (excluding very short notes). In early years a number of articles were published in parts. Where these lie within a volume they are only listed once.

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1994 Volume 36
Bradwell Abbey. D. C. Maynard, P. Woodfield and R. J. Zeepat
The Kedermister Library, An account of its origins and a reconstruction of its contents and arrangement. J. Francis
A Household Account Book of Thomas Wharton, 5 th Baron Wharton (1648-1715). E. Berry
Monks Risborough: New Light from Islington. A. H. J. Baines
An Anglo.Saxon Cemetary at Bottledump Corner, Tattenhoe, Milton Keynes. J. Parkhouse
An Eighteenth Century Dovecote at Stewkeley. J. McCann
Early Anglo.Saxon Territorial Organisation in Buckinghamshire and its Neighbours. K. A. Bailey
Wycombe Heath and its 'Charter.' J. C. Trench & M. Green
An Old Domeday Crux. A. H. J. Baines
The Building of Padbury Bridge. S. Eveleigh
Bredingcote: A 'Missing' Lost Village.
Captains Wood, Chesham.


1995 Volume 37
Investigations at Magiovinium 1990-91: The Little Brickhill and Fenny Stratford By-Passes. A. Hunn, J. Lawson & J. Parkhouse
Buckingham Slavery in 1086. K. A. Bailey
Archaeological Investigations at the Medieval Castlethorpe , Buckinghamshire. D. Bonner, J. Parkhouse & N. Smith
Bastardy:- Public Attitudes and Social Reality 1760-1840 with special reference to the Records of Hughenden and Aylesbury, and to local newspapers. S. Kelsey
The Chalfont St. Peter Roman Coin Hoard 1989. A. Hunn & M. Farley et al.
The Bucks Gazette and the Grenville Family 1829-1832. L. Lineham
Hambleden: The Bent Valley. A. H. J. Baines
Elmodesham House- An Amersham Landmark for Three Centuries. J. C. Trench & P. Fenley
A Bronze Age Gold Bracelet from the Lee. M. Farley
A Fourteenth-Century Effigy from St.Michael's Church, Thornton.
The Oak Screen at Brundenell House, Quainton.
An Unsung Victory for Bucks Cavalry.


1996 Volume 38 (published 1996)
Investigations at the County Museum, Aylesbury. D. Bonner et al.
Rewalking the Tenth-century Perambulation of Winslow Manor. E. J. Bull & J. Hunt
download article A History of the Society: part 2 1897-1947. Elliott Viney
The Manor in Domesday Buckinghamshire: I. K. A. Bailey
A Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Weapons and Knives in Buckinghamshire County Museum. L. Babb
download article Two Water Meadows at Chenies. Jonathan Parkhouse and Nicola Smith
Two Water Meadows at Chenies, Buckinghamshire.J. Parkhouse and N. Smith
The Longevity of Field-Names: A case study from Sherington. A. Baines
Archaeological Investigations at Weston Underwood in 1994. D. Enright and J. Packhouse
A late Saxon Cemetery at Milton Keynes Village. J. Packhouse, R. Roseoff and J. Short et al.
A Government of Women Distinct from Men. M. Hall
Heraldic Shields in Old Wolverton Church Buckinghamshire. I. Day and D. Lee
Roman Lead-lined Coffins from Buckinghamshire
Possible Bundle Planting in the Chilterns
Possible Mole Traps
Great Missenden: a failed Borough?
A survey of Earthworks at Frith Hill, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire. D. Cater


1997 Volume 39
The Furlong Names of Chicheley. A. H. J. Baines
Investigations at Pann Mill, High Wycombe. S. Cauvain & P. Cauvain
The Manor in Domesday Buckinghamshire: 2. Demesnes. K. A. Bailey
Buckslow at Swanbourne and other Saxon Mound Names in Buckinghamshire. M. Farley
The Boundaries of Winslow - Some Comments. K. A. Bailey
Mills in Domesday Buckinghamshire. K. A. Bailey
Investigations at the Prehistoric Site at Coldharbour Farm, Aylesbury in 1996. D. Bonner & J. Parkhouse et al.
A Prehistoric site at Rislip Farm, Soulbury, D. Bonner & J. Parkhouse et al.
Christian and Pagans in Weedon, Buckinghamshire. M. Farley
A Hoard of Late Roman Pewter from Fleet Marston. J. Parkhouse
Archaeological Notes.


1998 Volume 40
The Bucks Herald, its Politics, Supporters and Finances, 1832-1867. L. Lineham
A prehistoric Ditch and other features at Princes Risborough Swimming Pool, Buckinghamshire. S. Ford et al.
The Excavation of a Roman Trackway and Field System at Three Locks Golf Course, Stoke Hammond, Buckinghamshire. S. Ford et al.
Buckinghamshire Parish Names. K. A. Bailey
Vendere Potuit; 'He could sell', to coin a Domesday phrase. K. A. Bailey
A ' Westminster Workshop Effigy at Leckhampstead Church, Buckinghamshire. M. Downing
Probate and Church Courts in Buckinghamshire in the Civil War Era. H. Hanley