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Index to articles in the Records of Buckinghamshire

Below is a list of the articles which have been published in the Records of Buckinghamshire (excluding very short notes). In early years a number of articles were published in parts. Where these lie within a volume they are only listed once.

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2001 Volume 41
download article Peasants, Peers and Graziers: The Landscape of Quarrendon in Buckinghamshire interpreted. Paul Everson
A Late Bronze Age to Roman Site at the Former Nurses Home, Oxford Road, Stone. C. Gibson et al.
Late Iron Age Features at Reserve Site 5, Downs Barn, Milton Keynes. J. Last et al.
Iron Age and Roman settlements with Prehistoric ans Saxon Features at Fenny Lock, Milton Keynes. S. Ford & K. Taylor et al.
The Smallest Estates in Domesday Buckinghamshire. K. A. Bailey
Beating the Bounds: Rogationtide at Waddesdon. A. H. J. Baines
A Corpus of Medieval and Early Modern Weaponry in Buckinghamshire County Museum. L. Babb
download article Aylesbury in the Civil War. George Lamb
John Mason and Henry Maurice: a Seventeenth-Century Buckinghamshire Friendship. M. Lewis
The site of the Old Church at Hartwell, Buckinghamshire. M. Farley & E. Throssell et al.
Aylesbury and High Wycombe in 1881: an Essay in Census Statistics. D. Thorpe


2002 Volume 42
The Population of Buckinghamshire in 1086. K. A. Bailey
Penn Tiles from Penn Church, Buckinghamshire
The Excavation of gorefields: A Medieval Nunnery and Grange at Stoke Goldington. B. D. Mynard & R. Ivens
Upton Church and the Bulstrode Brasses. A. Baker
Charity and status: The Activities of Sir John Kederminster at Langley Marish, Buckinghamshire, (now Langley, Slough). P. Fenley
The Dinton Church Sundial. C. St. J. H. Daniel
The Rebuilding of Ceely House, Aylesbury : Some New Evidence. H. Hanley
The Journey to Work in Buckinghamshire 1921-1971. D. Thorpe


2003 Volume 43
The Aylesbury Steeplechase. E. Viney
Dr. John Lee of Hartwell and his Swedish Journey, 1807-1809. W. R. Mead
The Excavation & Metallographical Analysis of a Bronze Age Sword revovered from Ivinghoe Beacon. G. Marshall & P. Northover
Iron Age Settlement at Cranborne Avenue, Wescroft, Milton Keynes. S. Anthony
download article A Romano-British Cremation Burial from Wellwick Farm, Wendover. R. J. Zeepvat
The Church in Anglo-Saxon Buckinghamshire c650-c1100. K. A. Bailey
Excavation of a Medieval settlement, Late Saxon Features and a Bronze Age Cremation Cemetary at Loughton, Milton Keynes. J. Pine
Open Field Enclosure and Village Shrinkage at Aston Sandford. P. Gulland
John Mason: Anglican Minister and Friend of Dissenters. M. Lewis
The Portland Family and Bulstrode park. A. M. Baker
Life in a Georgian Workhouse. J. Coppock
Aston Clinton Manor House: From Moated Site to Classicla Mansion. D. Gulland
The Population of Buckinghamshire in 1086: Some Reflections on the Domesday Book Evidence. D. Thorpe
The Population of Buckinghamshire in 1086: A Reply. K. A. Bailey
The 'Baby Welcome' at Lane End Pioneer Work in Infant Welfare. S. Charlton
Catsbrains and Conningers. K. Bailey


2004 Volume 44
Multi-Period activity at Main Street, Ashendon: Excavations in 1999. D. Slatcher, J. Samuels & Others
A Late-Medieval decorated floor tile, with other ceramic products from kiln areas at Cadmore End Common, Fingest, Buckinghamshire: a preliminary note. B. Hurman
The Penn Doom. M. Green
Who Was Who Beacme Whom; Buckinghamshire Landowners 1066 and 1086. K. A. Bailey
The Oxford Road Windmill, Aylesbury. R. Humphrey
Hillforts and Churches: a coincidence of locations? A. (Sandy) Kidd
A Romano-British Burial at princes Risborough. C. Appleton and R. A. Chelu
Swifts over Haddenham. P. Gulland
Land of Ayelsbury's Friarage. H. Hanley
Aston Sandford: some reflections on its early history. K. Bailey
Buckinghamshire Field-Names 2 :the dead. K. Bailey
Lost Paintings from Dinton Hall. G. Lamb


2005 Volume 45
Exacation of an early Saxon settlement at Pitstone. M. Phillips et al.
Some new loght on Caldecote and the Ancient Endowment of Aylesbury Minister. H. Hanley
Eathworks at Lavendon. T. Brown and P. Everson
A survey of earthworks and structural remains at Bray's Wood, The Lee. D. Secker
Latchmoor and the early history of Gerrards Cross. A. M. Baker
Early medieval Stewkley: settlements and fields. K. Bailey
Medieval tile industry at Penn. M. Green
Water Eaton Mill. E. Legg
An archaelogical survey of the manor house and gardens, Stantonbury, Milton Keynes. H. Bamford, D. Went & D. McOmish
Destroyed by the Temples; the deserted village of Stowe. M. Page
John Hone (C1740-1819) gentleman of Great Marlow & Dublin. J. Fox
Buckinghamshire Field-Names 3 : trees and crops. K. Bailey
Mursley' medieval market. K. Bailey
Thornton church clock. E. Legg