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Searchable Index covering 160 years of publication

Use this page to search the indexes to the Society's journal Records of Buckinghamshire by using the search fields below. The index now covers ALL volumes published between Volume 1 Part 1, published in 1854, and Volume 53, published in 2013.

This is due to the hard work of Diana Gulland, who re-compiled the index to Volumes 1-10, covering the 62 years between 1854 and 1916. This great task was completed in 2014 and the digital version of the index activated in mid-2015.

The whole index is compiled from the printed indexes created by Lorna M. Head and Diana Gulland. Indexes to volumes after 2013 are being compiled and will be added to the website as soon as they are available. However the list of all published articles can be found on the article titles pages and the current volume on the latest issue page.

Copies of the journal including back numbers are available for purchase from the society, including offprints of a large number of articles, while others are available on-line directly from this website.



  Vol. Pages
Addington, Lord , obituary 10(6) 398
Addison, Rev. J.C., Discovery of Roman remains at Tingewick 4(1) 36
Adkins, R. A., 'Salvage excavations at Dansteed Way, Milton Keynes' 20 404-409
Adkins, R. A. and Mynard, D. C., 'Neolithic axes from the Milton Keynes area of the Upper Ouse Valley' 20 631-634
Adstock, church, Norman doorway 8(3) 229, 233
Adstock, church, plate 8(1) 11-12, 35
Adstock Road Bridge 52 201
Aefgyfu, Lady, and the Linslade charter 25 110-138
Aefhere, eaoldorman of Mercia, and the Olney charter 21 154-184
Aethelflaed, and the Chetwode/ Hillesden charter 24 9
Aethelflaed, and the Danish Wars 26 13, 19, 22
Aethelmaer, and Buckingham 27 61, 62
Aethelmaer, and the Chetwode/ Hillesden charter 24 1-10, 14
Aethelnoth, Archbishop and Halton 33 65-66
Aethelwold, Bishop of Winchester, and the Chetwode/ Hillesden charter 24 12, 13, 16
Aethelwold, Bishop of Winchester, and the Linslade charter 25 110-118, 120-121, 123, 125
Agmondesham, Thomas de, murder of 24 180-181
agrarian recession, 14th century 48 125-139
Agricultural Children's Act 1873 24 73-80
agricultural implements, see also  sickles    
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