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Searchable Index covering 160 years of publication

Use this page to search the indexes to the Society's journal Records of Buckinghamshire by using the search fields below. The index now covers all volumes between Volume 1 Part 1, published in 1854, and Volume 60, published in 2020. The index to volumes 61-63 is in preparation, and will be added at some point in 2024. The whole index is compiled from the printed indexes created by Lorna Head and Diana Gulland.

A listing of all articles published since 1854 can be found on the article titles pages and the current volume 63 on the recent volumes page.

Copies of the journal including some back numbers are still on sale from the society, including offprints of a large number of articles, while others are available on-line directly from this website.



  Vol. Pages
Alderbourne Manor 58(1) 108-109
Alderbourne Valley, geology 30 69-70
Alderbourne Valley, pottery kiln 30 53-102
Aldhouse-Green, Miranda, Sacred Britannia: the gods and rituals of Roman Britain 59 289-290
Aldridge, Georgina Emma Mary, memorial, Great Marlow church 8(2) 193
Aldridge, Richard, Mormon 48 243
Aldridge, Susannah, Quaker 38 224, 226, 227, 230-232, 234
Aldridge, Thomas, memorial, High Wycombe church 7(5) 430
alehouses, suppression in High Wycombe 7(4) 305-306
Alexander, Bruce, 'Before Domesday; Haddenham and Cuddington', Reviewed 48 286
Alexander, Pat, publican 51 223-224
Alfred, King, and the Danish Wars 26 11-27
Alibone, John, and Buckingham fire 46 43-46
Allen, David, 'Excavations in Bierton, 1979: A late Iron Age 'Belgic' settlement and evidence for a Roman Villa and a twelfth and eighteenth century manorial complex' 28 1-120
Allen, David, 'Salvage excavations at 13-19 Buckingham Street and the Bull's Head redevelopment site, Aylesbury, in 1979 and 1980' 24 81-106
Allen, David, 'Two Roman cremation burials from Great Brickhill' 21 29-34
Allen, David and Dalwood, C. H., 'Iron Age occupation, a Middle Saxon cemetery, and twelfth to nineteenth century urban occupation: excavations in George Street, Aylesbury, 1981' 25 1-60
Allen, Denise, Bucks archaeology from the air, reviewed 21 198
Allen, Henry, memorial, High Wycombe church 7(5) 439
Allen, Marjory, garden designer 58(1) 112
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