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Wingrave Village Survey – recording the village

Wingrave Buildings PROJECT 2009-7 :
SEPTEMBER 2009 to MARCH 2012

AIM: To support the Wingrave Heritage Group in their surveying of historic buildings in the village and the collection of supporting documentary evidence.

FOLLOWING an extremely well-attended walk around the village of Wingrave in September 2009, the Historic Buildings Group was invited to become involved in a wider project within the village, which will record some of the historic houses and consider the overall development of the village from a buildings perspective.

This led to a series of joint activities by members of the Historic Buildings Group and the Wingrave Archives Society.

Windmill Farmhouse

A measured and detailed survey of Windmill Farmhouse, on the southern edge of Wingrave, was done over two days in November 2009. This is a listed Grade II building dating originally from the early 17th century, with later additions and a 19th-century courtyard of farm buildings.

 •  Read the summary and report

Wingrave Historic Buildings Workshop

A one-day workshop entitled ‘How old is that house?’ was held in the village in October 2010. This was attended by 10 villagers and 19 members of the Historic Buildings Group. Click on the links below to view:

which summarises the speakers, the survey results for 20 Wingrave buildings, the results of dendrochronology work done during the day, the concluding discussion - and, finally, proposals for future projects.

Dean Leys

Results of the Dendrochronology survey done suring the October 2010 Workshop were a real surprise by showing that the house is roughly 100 years earlier than previously thought. Its main frame timbers were felled in the 1490s.

Historic Buildings Survey Guide

The experience of surveying historic buildings during the October 2010 Workshop led to calls for a logical, step-by-step survey guide. To view the resulting guide, click here: The Step-by-Step Survey Guide for Historic Buildings

Finally, click here for a brief outline of the History of Wingrave.