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Milton Keynes Monographs

Earthworks at Bradwell Bury
Medieval earthworks at Bradwell Bury.

These are detailed excavation and research reports from archaeological investigations carried out before and during the building of the ‘new city’ of Milton Keynes between 1971 and 1991, when large areas of farmland, woodland and open countryside were taken for development.

The scale of change provided an unprecedented opportunity for the study of historic landscape and archaeological sites of all periods from prehistory to the 19th century. As a result many previously unknown sites were identified.

This series was established by the Society to publish the work of the Milton Keynes Archaeology Unit. Between 1987 and 1996 ten volumes were completed, covering all the major investigations undertaken in advance of development up to that time. Smaller projects were published in the Society's journal, Records of Buckinghamshire.

The original volumes – collectively known as the 'Milton Keynes Monographs' – are described below. Some are no longer in print but a full set is available for reference in the Society's Library in Aylesbury.

•  May 2021: A new project is just starting whioch aims to digitise out-of-print volumes and make these available for download. It is hoped that this project will be completed before the end of 2021

•  The publications are large-format (A4) paperbacks, with many drawings and photographs.

•  All of these books can be ordered online or by post using the buttons below those volumes that are still available in print.

PLEASE NOTE that all these books are heavy, hence the high postal costs. Alternatively, copies may be collected on Wednedays between 10am and 4pm from the BAS Library in the County Museum in Aylesbury at a considerable saving.

No.1. Roman Milton Keynes
Excavations and fieldwork 1971-82
edited by DC Mynard

Detailed reports on the results of the Unit's early investigations into Roman sites in the new city, with an in-depth essay on Roman occupation and activity in the region and a gazetteer of sites in Milton Keynes.

A4 paperback (1987) 206 pages with 88 illustrations
OUT OF PRINT. There is a Reference copy in the Society's Library.

No.2. Roman and Belgic Pottery
from excavations in Milton Keynes 1972-82
by PT Marney

The companion to volume 1, this was the first-ever published study of Roman pottery undertaken on a regional basis in Britain. It still forms the basis for the identification and analysis of Roman ceramics in Milton Keynes and surrounding counties.

A4 paperback (1989) 198 pages with 53 illustrations.
OUT OF PRINT. There is a Reference copy in the Society's Library.

No.3. Great Linford
Excavations of the medieval village and church
– by DC Mynard and RJ Zeepvat

One of the first detailed village studies undertaken in Britain, bringing together the wealth of archaeological and historical evidence relating to the village of Great Linford, its manor, church and mill. Also contains the definitive study of medieval pottery for Milton Keynes.

A4 paperback (1991) 194 pages with 48 illustrations.
OUT OF PRINT. There is a Reference copy in the Society's Library.

No.4. Pennyland and Hartigans
Two sites from the Iron Age and Saxon periods
– by RJ Williams

Settlement at Pennyland began in the Iron Age and recommenced in the Saxon period, as a precursor to Great Linford. Hartigans gravel pit was located in the Ouzel valley and produced a wealth of evidence for prehistoric and Saxon activity predating the village of Middleton.

A4 paperback (1993) 275 pages with 131 illustrations.
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No.5. The Changing Landscape of Milton Keynes
Traces the uses of the land from prehistory to the middle ages
by RA Croft and DC Mynard

A detailed overview of the history and archaeology of the original 18 civil parishes within the new city, with period-based essays on the landscape, a study of place-names in the area and individual parish essays.

A4 paperback (1994) 212 pages with 121 illustrations and 11 large-format maps.
OUT OF PRINT. There is a Reference copy in the Society's Library.

No.6. Excavations on medieval and later sites in Milton Keynes
Includes villages earthworks at Bradwell, Walton, Willen and Woughton
by DC Mynard

Reports from excavations undertaken by the Unit on medieval and post-medieval sites at Bradwell, Walton, Willen and Woughton, investigations in Little Woolstone Church and the structural recording and excavation of a barn at Simpson.

A4 paperback (1994) 192 pages with 112 illustrations.
OUT OF PRINT. There is a Reference copy in the Society's Library.

No.7. Bancroft (two volumes)
A late bronze and iron age settlement, Roman villa and temple mausoleum
by RJ Williams and RJ Zeepvat

A detailed account of investigations on related sites on Blue Bridge and Bancroft Park, demonstrating nearly 1000 years of continuity from the Bronze Age to the end of the Roman period. On Blue Bridge, discoveries include a large Bronze Age roundhouse, Iron Age dwellings, Roman cremation and inhumation cemeteries and an impressive temple/mausoleum. The villa, in the neighbouring valley, was represented by two successive houses, the first accompanied by farm buildings, yards and walled gardens. The later house was of high status, with bath suites, mosaics and fronted by a formal garden with a central fish pond. The excavations produced a wealth of architectural finds, artefacts and ceramics, as well as environmental evidence.
A4 paperback in two volumes (1994) 638 pages with 388 illustrations.

Volume 1: Excavations and Building materials.
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Volume 2: Finds and Environmental evidence.
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No.8. Tattenhoe and Westbury
Two deserted medieval settlements
– by R Ivens, P Busby and N Shepherd

The excavation of two extensive deserted village sites in the south-western quarter of Milton Keynes. As well as the village, the excavations revealed a small middle Saxon inhumation cemetery.

A4 paperback (1995) 505 pages with 221 illustrations.
OUT OF PRINT. There is a Reference copy in the Society's Library.

No.9. Caldecotte
Excavations at a deserted medieval village site 1966-91
by RJ Zeepvat, JS Roberts and NA King

This volume details the results of the archaeological examination over some 24 years of a range of sites of different periods in the Caldecotte area. As well as extensive areas of late Iron Age and Roman activity, sites include a medieval moat and village and a post-medieval mill.

A4 paperback (1994) 247 pages with 140 illustrations.
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No.10. Wavendon Gate.
A late iron age and Roman settlement
by RJ Williams, PJ Hart and ATL Williams

Undertaken largely as a result of chance finds, excavations at Wavendon Gate revealed an extensive late Iron Age and early Roman settlement including pottery kilns, an inhumation cemetery and a large ritual pit in which were preserved a wealth of wood and leather artefacts.

A4 paperback (1995) 292 pages with 161 illustrations.
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No.11. Wulfhere's People.
A conversion-period Angloe-Saxon cemetery in Wolverton
by A Hancock and R Zeepvat

Wolverton's Anglo-Saxon cemetery was the largest yet discovered in Buckinghamshire: 83 people, village people who worked the land: their most common ailment was osteoarthritis from hard physical labour. They lived in ‘Wulfheres Tun’, from which comes the modern name of Wolverton.

A4 paperback (2018) 144 pages with 145 illustrations.
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