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Searchable Index covering 160 years of publication

Use this page to search the indexes to the Society's journal Records of Buckinghamshire by using the search fields below. The index now covers all volumes between Volume 1 Part 1, published in 1854, and Volume 55, published in 2015. The index to volumes 56-60 is in preparation, and will be added at some point in 2021. The whole index is compiled from the printed indexes created by Lorna Head and Diana Gulland.

A listing of all articles published since 1854 can be found on the article titles pages and the current volume on the latest issue page.

Copies of the journal including some back numbers are still on sale from the society, including offprints of a large number of articles, while others are available on-line directly from this website.



  Vol. Pages
amber, see  beads    
beads, Bronze Age 13 334, 341
beads, glass, post-medieval 42 54-56
beads, glass, Roman 60 43, 78
beads, Iron Age 38 9, 48
beads, Iron Age, copper alloy 28 30-31
beads, Neolithic 39 120-121
beads, post-medieval 20 121
beads, post-medieval 38 58
beads, Roman 19 186-187
beads, Roman 41 95, 108
beads, Roman, glass 28 69-70
beads, Saxon 12 267-268
beads, Saxon 20 216
beads, Saxon 36 105-106, 109-110, 118
copper alloys, see  amulet; applique; armlet; armlets; awls; balances; beads; bells; box; bracelet; brooches; buckles; buttons; coins; daggers; earring; intaglio; kitchen utensils; lacemaking; ligula; military equipment; nails; needles; pendants; pins; purse frames; rings; skillets; spoons; statuette; steelyard weights; strap ends; studs; toilet equipment; tweezers; votive leaf    
glass, beads, Roman 60 43,78
glass objects, see also  beads    
ornaments, see  amulets; beads; bracelets; brooches; buckles; earrings; hairpins; pendants; pins; rings; studs