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  • A treasure trove of historic information
    about our local shops and town centres

In September 2018 the High Wycombe Society received into its archives a donation of a collection of brochures for the auction of commercial properties. These are mostly in the centre of High Wycombe in the 1950s and through to the 1980s. Assembled in roughly chronological order, together they tell a potted history of our changing town.

These historic property auction details have all been scanned and added to the society's website, so clicking through the links on the website takes you to individual pages. Some brochures include maps showing every property on the streets at that time, while others include details of restrictive covenants set up years earlier.

Click here to access these Historic Property Details.

     ABOVE: The listing of property auction brochures on the High Wycombe Society's website.

  • Who we are:
  • The High Wycombe Society exists to encourage people to love and cherish the town of High Wycombe; to influence and advise on issues including, but not limited to, planning, transport, heritage and the local environment; to maintain, operate and demonstrate Pann Mill, the last working mill on the River Wye.
  • Our recent publications:
  • We have produced a new edition of
    A GUIDE TO OLD WYCOMBE HIGH STREET AND EASTON STREET written by Charles Raffety, and edited a century later by Jackie Kay, and you can read this on-line.
  • We have continued to publish our quarterly newsletter – view the latest issue.

Thanks to Jackie Kay at the High Wycombe Society for providing content for this page.