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The old market
cross at Aylesbury
before its

  • Lost trades of Wendover

Albert Payne, replendent in waistcoat and bowler hat, proclaims his trade as a ‘Sack Contractor’ – as it says above his door. He stands outside his sack, rope and mat business in South Street, Wendover, in the early 1900s.

Who today can remember the difference between a brake, a brougham, a landau and a waggonette?
Offering these for hire is only one of Alfred Payne's several businesses. ‘Proprietor of the Wendover Gravel Pits’ proclaims his advertisement, which also offers Coal, corn and sand for sale. And, as a side line, he is also an agent for insurance from the Norwich Union and, presumably, tickets for the Metropolitan Railway Company.

The Saddler's trade has also contracted since this photograph was taken 100 years ago, showing Robert White outside his shop in Wendover High Street.

  • Who we are:
  • The society focuses on all aspects of our historic county, working to protect and record our heritage and historic environment. Historic buildings and ancient churches, documentary research and landscapes of the past, local history – as well as archaeology and fieldwork – all are within our remit.
  • We are just as concerned about the present as the past: our members have been active in ensuring the full investigation of our archaeological sites ahead of the HS2 high-speed rail line.
  • Our activities:
  • Our Winter programme of Saturday lectures, usually held at the County Museum in Aylesbury, has moved online since the onset of the Covid-19 epidemic, finding a wider audience beyond Buckinghamshire, even beyond the UK. See our sebsite for the current Winter Lectures programme.
  • Each year the society hosts the BLHN Conference – and this year is another first: with attendance in person and on-line. Another HS2 Archaeology Conference is expected now the archaeologists have finished their excavations along the list – watch our website for details.
  • Our Active Archaeology Group runs archaeology projects, including field-walking, site surveying, desk-based research and small-scale excavation. The group also holds a programme of evening talks and practical sessions.
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  • Our annual publication is Records of Buckinghamshire, which members received free and others can buy on-line. It has been recording our county's history and archaeology since 1854.
  • FINDING QUARRENDON is the new pamphlet for 2021 by Garry Marshall, tracing the daily life of Aylesbury's former medieval village century. Order your copy here.
  • THE KINGS AT BRILL, a new book by Michael Farley, is planned for publication early in 2022.
  • All our publications are available online. Click here to view our publications list.