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  • Facing up to new shopping challenges in Amersham today

Modern-day food shopping is unimaginable without big supermarket chains and their use of plastic packaging. Plastic plays an important role in protecting goods and importantly in reducing food waste and its climate impact. However, our throwaway culture has led to increasing levels of plastic waste in the natural environment.

To tackle the issue, the UK Plastics Pact was launched in April 2018. Its aim is to bring together businesses, UK government and NGOs and transform the way how we make, use, collect, sort, reuse and recycle plastics. This would create a circular economy, capturing the value of plastic, keeping it in the economy and out of the natural environment. Almost all of the UK's major supermarkets have signed up to the pact.

But what can we as individuals do to reduce plastic waste? The Society has been in contact with a local group called Sustainable Amersham and asked them to share their views with our members on how we could adjust our everyday lives and shopping habits to join the initiative.

•  Please read ‘Amersham as a Plastic-Free Town’ by Nikki Magrath, an article published in the Society's September 2021 Newsletter – see below or click here.

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